Dongguan DI-AO cnc equipment co., LTD.founded in 2011, located in guangdong dongguan DaLing hills, has 4000 square meters of production base, adjacent to the beautiful songshan lake, adjacent to 107 national road, convenient transportation, dior nc is a professional engaged in high precision, high speed CNC engraving machine, CNC carved machine, CNC highlights of research and development, production, sales as one of professional CNC equipment manufacturing enterprises.Get several CNC research patents, is committed to carved machine, highlights the machine precision technology research and development, in precision engraving machine design, highlights the machine design and engraving technology has achieved fruitful results, realize the process of numerical control technology to industrialization.The company has four series of 30 kinds of different types of products, equipent widely used in industrial fields, such as, tablets, televisions, mobile phone cover glass glass shape grinding, chamfering, drilling, hand-board model, fixture, acrylic, PC, plastic shell, aluminum pieces, metal pieces glossy finish machining, etc

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